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“Heather, you rocked again. We gotta do this some more and I am absolutely certain that we will. Practice and stay cocky. Love ya.”

-Butch Trucks, Allman Brothers Band


“THE festival moment happened. Perhaps you can relate. Some event occurs that bookmarks the festival in your brain for all time. It happened midset, when the Col. introduced Heather Gillis, a young lady from Tallahassee with a guitar.”

“She is a young lady who made a ton of wanne-be guitar players shrug and cry as she ripped three separate solos over the next few tunes, each in a different style. And with a huge smile. AND with a huge upsurge from the crowd after each one. Yep. THAT was the moment — a bunch of ‘em, actually.”

– Scott Hopkins, Music Fest News


“Hear what the next generation of blues musicians has in store when guitarist Heather Gillis, 20, takes the stage”

-Tallahassee Democrat


“Don’t pass up the opportunity to experience her roller coaster ride of high energy originals, soul, R&B, and unique covers. This is really good stuff!”

– Gary Anton, Owner of Bradfordville Blues Club


“Then it was Heather Gillis’ turn. And here is why we love festivals, OBJ in particular. You have a rabid crowd of music fans just ready to soak up some music from bands new to them. That happened a number of times during the weekend, but the first was this monster set by Gillis and band. We had just seen her and the Corbitt-Clampitt Experience in Tallahassee the week before. But this set by the Heather Gillis Band seemed several light years beyond last week’s great set.

They started out with an enormously kick-ass instrumental, and suddenly all heads were turned in their direction. Kyle Chervanik (bass) and Gerald Watkins (drums) are the perfect rhythm section for this powerhouse band. After Gillis belted the lyrics to “I’m a Ram” and a tremendous tenor sax solo from Nyan Feder, they roared into a wicked jam….”

          – Music Fest News


“Keep up the music, you sound great”

-Bobby Lee Rogers


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